Excalibur Jun Creator Kenny Swan Interview

Fermented (like jun and saurkraut) foods THANKFULLY are making their way back to human civilization... perhaps to support us in becoming more civilized. This lovely interview on Excalibur Jun (by creator Kenny Swan who's a fermented foods genius) was one of my favorite interviews for 3 reasons; we got to visit the almighty Glastonbury (my first trip), Kenny is an absolute legend and a pleasure to be around AND we got to drink copious amounts of his gut nourishing tasty jun!

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4 UNUSUAL things that might be f**king with you...

1) Headphones plugged into a phone with wifi or a phone signal. 

There is reason to believe that the above common scenario might be concentrating radiation (from your device and other signals in the air) into your ear which is obviously very close to your brain. Some people are at more risk than others. Children with thinner skulls than adults are particularly susceptible.

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