This workshop is not for most companies.

If you are looking for REMARKABLE and the EXTRAORDINARY, then I invite you to read on.

This experience is delivered by Dragons’ Den Success Richard Enion.

HSBC 100 Thoughts Event: “…highly engaging and energetic, speaking with such passion and inspiration!”

Powerful communication isn’t just in in business, you could argue that your entire life is about presenting (but there’s no point in arguing, is there).

This presenting workshop is far from the superficial nonsense many of us have had to sit through in the past. When you experience this we are going to go deep and unleash gargantuan brilliance.

This experience is about deeply powerful authentic presenting.

I believe (because I’ve seen it with my own eyes) that with a little digging around, by pressing a few buttons and peeling back a few layers, ALL humans are capable of enthusing their audience with their message (they just don’t know it yet).

NOT giving your audience the privilege of receiving the important message you have for them is just not acceptable.

Effective, confident and passionate presenting is critical and by experiencing this workshop you will forever be able to serve your audience in the way they deserve.

Ready this, I hope that you have picked up on this change in perspective - serving your audience. Getting out of your own way to give the gift of your message - effectively.

This experience will help you see, do and BE the counter-intuitive to make your mark.

Who is this for?

>> Companies looking to unleash their people.

>> Leaders and managers looking to empower their people in unprecedented ways.

>> Companies looking to empower teams or key people with in the organisation into delivering the most outstanding presentation.

>> Companies with sales teams looking to invoke infinite possibility for their people.

>> Creative companies wanting to PROVOKE.

>> Entrepreneurs / start-ups that want to supercharge their presenting / pitching ability.

This is NOT for…

>> People who are looking for a formal education in powerpoint presentations. Really.

Outcomes and what’s in it?

>> Confidence to present with powerful, effective and professional communication.

>> Mindset upgrades, going from problems to possibilities.

>> Enhance presence and impact through personal empowerment.

>> Simple steps to prepare for any and all presentations.

>> Objective feedback on presenting to bring out the best of your personality.

>> Deliver your message with passion to enroll your audience.

>> Increase credibility with your audience.

>> Powerful and clear communication of your message.

>> 1 Day workshop experience will give you at least 4 safe opportunities to present and evolve your delivery.

>> 2 Day workshop experience will give at least 8 opportunities to present.

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