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Products to choose from: 

Tastes amazing, mixes really well (of course), and is as clean as a whistle! The protein is fermented golden / yellow pea (lower lectin) and cold pressed hemp protein which are great together because of their combined amino acid profile. We have added digestive enzymes to choose support digestion, which is very important. And, this protein also includes Moringa and Chlorella for extra vitamins, minerals and detox potential. Choose from cacao or berry extracts and also stevia to sweeten it up. They taste awesome!

1KG RRP = £39.97
Trade = 33% profit (£13.19)
Trade Cost £26.78 per bag

250g RRP = £11.97
Trade = 31% profit (£3.71)
Trade Cost £8.26 per bag

2) REISHI FRUITING BODY (10:1 extract)
Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) is perhaps the most popular and oldest of all medicinal mushrooms. Not all Reishi is grown equally. Our IS grown organically and on the right kind of wood, like it does when in the wild (not on rice). Reishi is enjoyed to support a calm and centered state of mind, vibrant health, longevity and may support a healthy nervous system. It has been used for 1000's of years and we love it! 

50g RRP = £25.97
Trade = 33% profit (£8.56)
Trade Cost £17.41 per bag

3) REISHI SPORE POWDER (Cracked Cell 50g) 
The Reishi spore is the highly potent seed of the Reishi mushroom. It has less polysaccharides than Reishi fruiting body but is high in triterpenes. It’s an adaptogen and may support a healthy balance and have a calming effect.

50g RRP = £29.97
Trade = 30% profit (£8.99)
Trade Cost £20.98 per bag

4) LIONS MANE MUSHROOM (10:1 extract)
Lion's Mane (H. erinaceus) is all about being sharp and focus. It's known in the foodie and science community as a nootropic (reputed to support brain function). We all need a bit of support up there, right!? Lion's Mane is the "mushroom of focus". Reputed to support brain function and studied for it's neurotropic potential.

50g RRP = £24.97
Trade = 33% profit (£8.24)
Trade Cost £16.73 per bag

This is a very convenient way to get some of the highest quality green leaves in your diet. I'm going to assume you already know about greens powders, ours is different because it also has a hit of hemp protein in there and the digestive enzyme.

250g RRP = £21.97
Trade = 30% profit (£6.59)
Trade Cost £15.38 per bag

6) CHAGA POWDER (100g)
Chaga is LOADED with antioxidants (beats almost all other foods), has been studied for its anti-viral, anti-cancer, anti-fungal, anti-allergic, anti-malarial, and anti-tumor potential. It may help with stomach issues including IBS, ulcers and gastritis, it has also been consumed for thousands of years because of these potential health benefits.

100g RRP = £19.97
Trade = 30% profit (£5.99)
Trade Cost £13.98 per bag

Maca supports a healthy hormonal balance.It tastes malty and slightly sweet and also has thousands of years traditional use and now ample studies. Gelatinised maca is easier to digest than raw, the Peruvians (where maca is enjoyed frequently) would be bemused at us "Westerners" trying to digest raw maca.

200g RRP = £13.97
Trade = 30% profit (£4.19)
Trade Cost £9.78 per bag

Absolutely stonking tea! Our green is an organic Sencha and the Shou Puerh a fermented deep leaf. Unless organic, tea is one of the most heavily pesticide commodities on the planet. Not ours. We at ENRICHD.ORG are tea lovers and these are leaves we are proud to offer you and your customers.

50g RRP = £7.50
Trade = 30% profit (£2.25)
Trade Cost £5.25 per bag.


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Massive Info-Graphic (Protein)

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