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This is a secret page within the Enrichd.Org website that is only available to potential resellers (and maybe some hackers, who knows?)

This is NOT a:

- Cleanse or a detox
- Detox or fat loss product
- Nor a meal replacement

(I just wanted to make this very clear before we continue)

Food vs. Gym

You and I both know that health is not a competition between food and the gym. 

It's a combination of both in the right amounts for each individual client.

When someone smashes synthetic protein shakes after they have invested their time into their gym session they are doing themselves an injustice.

Shredded abs (or whatever your fitness goal) can be made in the kitchen, but without high integrity of ingredients there could be an onset of undesired side-effects.

That's one of the reasons we offer what we offer–to replace existing outdated not-health products.

Tempted already to become a re-seller?

Becoming an ENRICHD re-seller is easy. 

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Questions? We will be more than happy to answer them

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Product info and why do this:

(The science and journals backing this up are at the bottom of the page)

Ready to go to the...

Pricing (Plant based protein 1kg RRP £39.99)

RRP = £39.99 for 1kg of plant based protein

RRP = £39.99 for 1kg of plant based protein

60-day Guarantee on 25+ bags

After 90 days  if you haven't sold at least 25 bags you can carefully pack them up post them back to us at our expense and we will send you a full refund. But, you will sell them, that's why we can offer this guarantee ;)

Model examples...

1) When 10 clients buy 1 bag per month (at the 5-10 rate) = £1344 profit p/y
2) When 20 clients buy 1 bag per month (at the 100 rate) = £3840 profit p/y
3) When 42 clients buy 1 bag per month (at the 200 rate) = £8467.20 profit p/y

(Top tip: if you want the best rates you can always go 50-50 with another PT. Clever right ;)

Why do this?

The business  proposal is clear enough, but what else?

I've had enough seeing gyms and "health stores" pushing synthetic crap in other protein shakes.

Really, your clients and costumers do not need that. 

This is a big deal because, especially in the fitness industry,

we are here to help other people,

supporting them in their transformational journey

not flogging them tubs of synthetic or genetically modified shit.

And then there are the artificial sweeteners they use in other proteins,

that may mess with the gut and digestion and even the brain.  

How ridiculous!? 

The whole point eating, as well as enjoying it, is to digest and assimilate.  

If their ingredients are messing human process then, really what are they doing!?

Our plant based protein powder is 3rd party tested and almost everything in there is actually organic.

Hemp and Pea are great together because of their combined amino acid profile

and the digestive enzymes we choose support digestion, which is very important.

And, we also include moringa and cholera for extra nutrients.

Depending on the flavour you choose,  we use cacao, and berry extracts and also stevia to sweeten it up.

Real ingredients.

So just choose which flavors you want to share and get your order in, and we will get it to you….


After our team worship your protein we will summon in the fairies to fly your goods to your desired destination at the most reasonable of shipping costs: 

5 = £6.95  I  10 = £7.95  I  25 = £14.95  I  50 = £22.95  I  100 = £31.95  I  200+ = £49.95


We will help you by giving you infographics to make it easy to communicate to clients, social media engagement,  back links, blog post shout outs etc. You know, saying nice things about good people, that kind of thing.

Free from beaver butt (and other bragging rights)

- Organic; we use organic hemp, pea, cacao, moringa and chlorella. Other ingredients are derived from organic sources.

- 3rd party testing shows our foods to be cleaner than certified organic competitors

- Assimilation; we choose to include the following foods and digestive enzymes as a means supporting digestion and assimilation of nutrients; peppermint leaf, fennel seed, ginger extract 20:1, betaine HCL, bromelain, lipase, amylase and protease.

- The vanilla , berry and cacao extracts we use are also derived from organic foods though,
because of labeling regulations, are listed as natural flavours (no beaver butt scent in these).

Massive Info-Graphic on the benefits? Sure...

The science & references

1) "We really don’t know what effect large amounts of these chemicals will have over many years."


2) "We guzzle enormous quantities of these chemicals, mostly in the form of aspartame, sucralose and saccharin, which are used to enliven the flavor of everything from Diet Coke to toothpaste. Yet there are worries. Many suspect that all this sweetness comes at some hidden cost to our health..."

Shell, E.R., 2015. Artificial Sweeteners Get a Gut Check. Scientific American, 312(4), pp.32-34.

3) “GMOs (or “genetically modified organisms”) are living organisms whose genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a laboratory through genetic engineering, or GE. This relatively new science creates unstable combinations of plant, animal, bacteria and viral genes that do not occur in nature or through traditional crossbreeding methods.”

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7) Anwar, F., Latif, S., Ashraf, M. and Gilani, A.H., 2007. Moringa oleifera: a food plant with multiple medicinal uses. Phytotherapy research, 21(1), pp.17-25.

8) Brody, T., 1998. Nutritional biochemistry. Academic press.

Our agreement

By making any purchase of ENRICHD products you automatically agree to the following:

1) You wont bullsh*t your clients.  We are here to help so call us with any technical / product info–don't make it up.

2) You will not advertise the products online or in store or gym for less than the RRP. You may sell them at a discounted rate but agree not to advertise at less than the RRP.

3) Bro/Sis code. We speak highly of each other or not at all. You are choosing these products because you believe in us, their integrity and their benefits to your clients, and we are choosing to work with you because we respect your craft and are delighted to collaborate with you. By collaborating you are agreeing to the bro/sis code and will go all in supporting each other!