"I personally believe Richard and Nati

have got potentially life changing messages"

(Mark after his first workshop with us)


Saturday 30th September 2017.

2pm to 7pm.

Burton on Trent.



Restriction, counting, control, dieting dogma... forget it.

That's not living...

What about being free from restriction

and creating a lifestyle that naturally

lends itself to nourishing

your mind, body and soul. 

That would be nice wouldn't it!?


What to expect...

This workshop is fun, effective and high paced.

(and of course at times highly relaxing).

There will be PLENTY of wild tea,

snacks and a meaningful smoothie demo! 

(Yes, of course you will get to drink the smoothie too)


What else?

1) Ways to increase energy and feel full of life again! (Or perhaps for the first time).

2) Ways to increase sex drive.. yep.

3) Effective fat burning tips (short term and long term).

4) Meditation and breathing techniques. Some to calm and others to energise!

5) Ways of approaching your lifestyle to create long term health and vibrancy.

6) A deeper experiential  understanding of what it means to be and feel truly healthy and how you can life-style your days and nights to support this.

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