Want to become ENRICHD?

We will consider certifying all food products, restaurants, clothing brands who meet two or more of the following:

1) Heirloom plants or sustainably wildcrafted foods

Heirloom plants come from seeds that have been passed down through generations because of a special trait.

Sustainably wildcrafted foods are foods gathered from the wild, these can include herbs/plants/trees.

2) Proof of use of 100% organic ingredients

This can be through third party suppliers when certificates are provided.  We especially love hearing from clothing brands.

3) Proof of 100% NON-GMO product/production

Here at ENRICHD we support NON-GMO farming practices.  The verdict on the safety of GMO seeds/crops for humans, short and long term sustainability has not been reached.  There are numerous reports exploring the dangers of GMO seeds/crops.

4) Proof of green practices

Examples: proof of conscious energy consumption (solar panels), organic / recycled packaging, organic cotton/hemp clothing etc.

Other factors that influence certification:

1) Serving the local community (putting money back into the local community / creating jobs)

2) Locally sourced ingredients (restaurants / food products)

3) Being recommended by already ENRICHD certified businesses.

Why become ENRICHD?

Simply put: independent third party certification is a way to instantly demonstrate the integrity of your food, service or product to the world.

Email hello@Enrichd.Org for more information on becoming ENRICHD certified or forward this page to your amigo/a who you think will benefit from our certification.