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THE MOST COMPLETE Smoothie eBook on the planet!

This book is full of smoothie recipes, but more importantly smoothie philosophy bringing in wisdom from the East to empower you to create your own magic!

"Highly recommend, tasty recipes and high quality information backed by science!"

Robert Jackson, London

When you read this smoothie book you will begin to discover for yourself, all of the different ways in which you make your smoothies to enrich your life.

Because this book has been PhD. reviewed and contains over 50+ references, almost all of which are from scientific journals, you can be assured that the information is of the highest integrity.

This book is NOT about juices or juicing.

It includes everything you need to know about which smoothie is right for you and why some ingredients might not be a good choice. 

This is a must read if you drink smoothies or are getting into smoothies and enriching your life by means of your blender! This smoothie eBook goes deep into the ingredients and the combination of different foods for optimal absorption and nutrient uptake.

Hot Tip from the book: If you can't digest and assimilate the ingredients there is little point in drinking the smoothie!


Quotes from the smoothie eBook:

"Adaptogenic herbs help maintain the efficiency of the neurological, metabolic, immunologic, respiratory and endocrine systems".

"These can be great in smoothies or on their own in hot water, OR with high quality cacao to promote deliver to your body".

"...powerful antioxidant, immune system boosting, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory smoothie".


Happy readers:

"I'm going to make sure my boyfriend reads this!  There are sex smoothies! I had no idea that a smoothie could be so good, i mean REALLY good, both the taste and the health benefits.  Enrichd goes deep with this one, it's full of wisdom and a PhD. reviewed it.  So cool, thanks for this"

Soo Ford, London

"I LOVE this smoothie ebook by Enrichd, the recipes are tasty, the information is fun, it’s bright, full of interesting facts that are backed up by scientific journals and credible references AND it has been reviewed by a PhD.  Probably the best smoothie book I have read"

John Wilkes, London

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