Beliving lies, ASTROTURFING and why YOU should care...

Astroturfing and why scientific studies often SUCK and it is almost impossible to trust mainstream media.

Sharyl Attkisson, CBS investigative journalist, simply breaks it all down in this TED talk:


It reminds me of the GMO (genetically modified organism) ‘studies’ that are out there.

The next 3 bullet points outline the video above and describe a manipulation practice known as “astroturf” or (astroturfing):

1) Scientific studies (third party studies included) are often paid for by people with invested interests (for example the owners of a sleeping pill begin a media frenzy about people not sleeping enough, tell you to ‘ask your doctor’ who too often, especially in the US, is paid by the owners of the sleeping pill). Replace the words ‘sleeping pill’ with cholesterol pill, this vaccine. that vaccine, red meat, fat etc)

2) The owners of the pill create an online story around their product. They dominate Wikipedia (anyone can edit it) and search results for the illness their pill is associated with, adding further false ‘evidence’ to the story and your inquest.

3) Part of the story the create involves discrediting doctors or health professionals who have genuine guidance for you. The owners pay doctors or accredited names to label these people as quacks or phonies.

That whole system described above is rigged to manipulate your mind and control who you trust and influence you into buying their products.

GMO is a hot topic when it comes to the manipulation of the media. This guy is putting forward some solid facts about big agriculture, Monsanto and Genetically Modified Organisms: