Too VEGAN? (or too PALEO?) David Wolfe Nails it...

David Wolfe (many times published author) is a controversial character in the food and health World.  The Paleo Diet followers seems to see him as some kind of threat to their meat eating ways, and raw vegans seem to be disgusted by his consumption of goats cheese and a number of other animal derived foods. 

As the years have gone by his messages seem to have changed slightly, from his raw vegan days to hi current vegetarianism.  This was poorly received by the Raw Vegan community, some going to great lengths to comment and persecute David through social media.  That's just not cool, and perhaps the very example he is giving in this video interview. 

I see a man who has, like many people, seen improvements from one way of eating, then (as everything in life is always changing) found that that way of eating was no longer serving him, and so he adapted.  Kind of like I was with the Paleo diet (which by the way served me very well for a number of years, but I ended up lacking white rice and a few other foods I had eliminated).

I have met and interviewed David Wolfe on a number of occasions, each and every time it was a brilliant experience...  Based on some of the comments on the interviews I have posted it appears that some people are less impressed by his ways, products and information, each to their own, I like the guy and love the information and foods he is sharing....

SUNSCREEN: Summer is coming... but are you sure your sunscreen is safe?

We are funny creatures aren’t we us humans… Are you ready to forever look differently at two very common products that before now were widely accepted in our society?

Sunscreen and bras. When you’ve watched all of this interview with the awesome Nadine Artemis (from Living Libations) your summers and the way you think about the sun AND breasts will be forever different. This was filmed behind the scenes the Longevity Now Conference following Nadine’s brilliant presentation.

Sneak preview: In the Interview, Nadine goes on to say that; "Yes sunscreen will prevent the sun burn but at what cost? We do want to avoid sunburn but, sunburns are actually easier for our DNA to process than the sun damage of being in the sun with sunscreens"

Sunscreen is controversial subject only because it has been used for so long without question. Like smoking and tobacco was widely accepted, even encouraged, the safety of sunscreen is being deeply questioned.

The main concerns about sunscreen:

– Some ingredients in most high street sunscreens may become carcinogenic in the sun

– Some sunscreens separate/block only the UVA or UVB rays. This means that your skin doesn't get burned, which is great – BUT the burning of your skin is a signal to tell you to GET OUT OF THE SUN – so the sunscreen is killing the messenger while other damage may be happening.

- Look a little deeper at what sunscreen does and we also find that sunscreen may also block our vitamin D production, because it is the UVB rays that create vitamin D.

- Man-made sun-beds is not a short cut to a tan. The intensity makes them dangerous (2, 3)

- On top of that, some of the sunscreens (many high street common brands) contain carcinogenic free-radical chemicals, which may be baked into our skin when exposed to the sun. Oxybenzone being one of the main nasties to watch out for in sunscreen (1)

- Dr Ackerman, founding father of the study of dermatology, author of Sun and the epidemic of Melanoma; Myth on Myth (2008) substantiated that there is no direct link between the sun and melanoma. 

- Helen Saw, published in the medical journal the Lancet, found that indoor workers who are exposed to artificial lighting are more likely to get Melanoma.  Staying indoors all day, not being exposed to much sunlight, then going on holiday for a ROASTING is the perfect bad recipe for skin problems.

- Lack of sunlight and office-life culture may lead to lack of vitamin D3 which is linked to cancer.  Appropriate sun exposure may even prevent skin cancer.

- The use of some common, household name, high-street sunscreens may lead to the accumulation of toxins in the lipid layer and increase xenoestrogens (1) which imitate estrogen in our bodies, further messing with our hormonal balance.


What’s the solution?

– Natural alternatives to sunscreen include: raspberry seed oil, coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba

– Build protection from the inside a diet rich in foods high in antioxidants. They will help protect and heal from the inside out. Chaga mushroom, acai, beetroot, purple grapes, red grapes, blueberries, lemons (including the skin), spirulina.

– Gradually build up more time in the sun, without sunscreen. The naturally darker your skin the more time you can spend without burning. But listen to your skin – if it’s burning it means go find shade.

– Get sun in the morning or late afternoon. This way you will be exposed to milder rays.

– If you are really white (and or prone to burning) then expose certain parts of your body first. Feet, calves, hands and forearms, and build up from there, slowly.  Think of it as a marathon - not a sprint, as we have been told, often by the sunscreen manufacturers.

– Connect to nature. For millions of years we have evolved waking with the sun and going to sleep with the moon. You are always connected to nature, it’s time to tune in and listen to the messages, not numbing and blocking them.

This beautiful interview with Nadine Artemis from Living Libations took place back stage at the Longevity now conference in California. David Wolfe is one of the creators of Longevity, and a known force in the Vegan and Superfood World.

Nadine has arrange of very clean products that I have used and highly recommend. Nadine Artemis is a highly sought after World Renowned speaker who offers insights on health.

Sunscreen; a highly fascinating topic, resulting with an illusive obvious answer.






This is Nadine Artemis talking about sunscreen and sun exposure at the Longevity Now Conference: