David Wolfe VEGAN vs. PALEO

Are you TOO vegan or TOO paleo?

When does health become an obsession?

Could your healthy way of eating become a new kind of eating disorder? Too much ‘control’ and aversion? Too much thinking and energy spent on your next meal…

David Wolfe is always fun to interview, we chatted more about the paleo diet, the vegan diet and how mindset plays such a huge role in…. well in everything! If your mind is causing you tension it can undo all of the good foods that you’re nourishing your body with.

A quote from our forthcoming book “Your body doesn’t care what your food philosophy is, it needs what it needs”. That’s not to say don’t be vegan or don’t be paleo… it’s just how you think about it and feel when you’re eating and who you’re judging while you’re getting on with your meal/life.

If you’re vegan and a paleo hater or paleo and a vegan hater I’m going to suggest you’re not adding the kind of energy to yourself or the planet you might think you are. We are all on our journey making mistakes, learning and growing… the person in the ‘opposite’ food-religion as you needs you hating them as much as you do them.

Granted there are some very important questions and changes to be made in the way animals are treated but if you’re vegan and feeling anger and tension towards paleo peeps then that anger is only doing you an injustice. If you’re paleo hating on vegans…. same deal.

The fact that paleos and vegans both consider the integrity of their food and how it affects them, in my opinion, is a brilliant thing. Where each person grows from there is their own journey. Learn, encourage, share, be passionate, give yourself a break and ease up on the hate.

PS. I speak on this from my very own strict, fairly intense Paleo past.

Too VEGAN? (or too PALEO?) David Wolfe Nails it...

David Wolfe (many times published author) is a controversial character in the food and health World.  The Paleo Diet followers seems to see him as some kind of threat to their meat eating ways, and raw vegans seem to be disgusted by his consumption of goats cheese and a number of other animal derived foods. 

As the years have gone by his messages seem to have changed slightly, from his raw vegan days to hi current vegetarianism.  This was poorly received by the Raw Vegan community, some going to great lengths to comment and persecute David through social media.  That's just not cool, and perhaps the very example he is giving in this video interview. 

I see a man who has, like many people, seen improvements from one way of eating, then (as everything in life is always changing) found that that way of eating was no longer serving him, and so he adapted.  Kind of like I was with the Paleo diet (which by the way served me very well for a number of years, but I ended up lacking white rice and a few other foods I had eliminated).

I have met and interviewed David Wolfe on a number of occasions, each and every time it was a brilliant experience...  Based on some of the comments on the interviews I have posted it appears that some people are less impressed by his ways, products and information, each to their own, I like the guy and love the information and foods he is sharing....