Coffee Organic vs non-organic

So, Why choose organic coffee?

    •    Organic coffee has higher levels of antioxidants than non-organic coffee, and may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.
    •    Organic coffee farming does not use pesticides (or if any they would be organic), therefore reducing the risk of possible pesticide-related illnesses, such as acute poisoning and various forms of cancer.
    •    Organic coffee farming also helps in conserving land and water resources and biodiversity. 

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98% NOT Stevia - Stevia (dickheads...)

Which Stevia is the best stevia?

Stevia is a something I'm happy to consume.  I'm a sweet person ;) but if I'm going to use one it will actually be Stevia.  And derived from a trusted source in a trusted ethical way.  As with almost all foods, when food marketing and food marketers get their sticky little brains on to it it can become confusing... Watch this video for an insight into food marketing:

I'm currently LOVING Omica Organics Stevia which I believe is one of the high integrity stevia sweeteners available today.

Stevia sweetener

Stevia, the stevia leaf...