Trust yourself

Paleo? Raw? Vegan? Which diet is best for you?

Today I was taking a quick swim in the warm Caribbean-like waters of Florida (so thankful to be here!), when I noticed a gent being filmed while performing some very impressive push ups - I'd call them flying push ups or superman push ups where he was pushing himself up into the air high enough to take on the superman pose.  You know the one. He did about 6 in a row, on the sand.

I finished my good morning swim the same time he was finishing his photo shoot, we chatted a little, I complemented his push ups (to begin the conversation) he said I could do them, I agreed.  We chatted a little more, turns out he is another celebrity trainer.

The point of this rather odd story?

As we chatted further, and after mentioning the Enrichd smoothie book and our forthcoming book, we got on to the subject of food and diets.

He said he didn't eat red meat because his doctor told him not to. Fair enough and that can be a good thing for a lot of people.  But then went on to say his digestion wasn't too good, but felt BETTER when eating red meat.  He became more animated and energized as he told me that he felt more energized and better when he ate red meat.  See what happened there?

The message in this story is not about red meat.  

(Image by Gregory Siff for  Bite Me Dieting )

(Image by Gregory Siff for Bite Me Dieting)

Of course listen to your doctors advice, especially if you are having digestive problems, or any health concerns, but it might be worth getting another opinion too, perhaps a different doctor, a doctor from a another culture or country or academic background.

Or perhaps listening to the one who knows you best - your body.

Final notes: The state of many farms and they way they treat animals is disgusting, that is why doing a little research and being selective can pay off for everyone. 

Of course choose the highest quality foods that you can afford and those that have had the most positive effect on the planet.  If you eat meat it's highly recommended that you choose at least organic or wild / grass fed.  This is also particularly relevant for eggs and the life of the chicken.  If your meat is non-organic or you do not know the farm / source then it is highly likely the animals were fed genetically modified (GMO / GM) feed, or treated with genetically modified hormones (rBGH - recombinant bovine growth hormone).  No thanks ;)...

Having spent a good amount of time chatting with, and outright questioning one of the owners of Muddy Boots, I feel confident in saying they are easily accessible and providing meats from some of the highest grade UK farms and abattoirs.  We spoke at length about animal welfare, animals emotions and the abattoirs.