Got TEETH? These gum and teeth health tips could save you...

Alternative natural toothpaste and dental health.

I had a cavity last week!  And then a filling... (not the mercury / amalgam type).   Before I got the filling the first thing I found was a natural pain killer to get me through the weekend.  I found that raw garlic + salt + black pepper crushed together (I chewed it) worked a treat! Temporarily..

Following this, I decided to do some reading on the subject of gym and tooth health. 

Here are some basic take away point, many inspired by the awesome presentation (bottom of this post) by Nadine Artemis:

- Food and diet is a great way to maintain overall health, including oral health.  If we don't get enough minerals in our diet, minerals are sometimes taken from teeth to support more important organs (1)

- Mouthwash has been linked to oral cancer (2)

- Salt Water can be used as a mouth wash and, because salt is full of minerals, it could benefit your gums and teeth.  TOP TIP: Make a large glass of salt water and leave it in your bathroom, rinse

- Botanicals like cinnamon, cardmin, need, clove, mesquite, pepper mint, frankincense are all ancient botanicals that you can use to take care of the teeth.

- Botanicals also get digestive juices flowing and some are anti-viral, antibacterial, and can stimulate the lymph.

- Certain botanicals activate the hypothalamus.

- Dr Price looked at cultures not invaded by 'modern foods', they hardly found any

- It's good to have plaque removed and to take care of teeth externally.

- Gums and tongue are living tissue

- Many off-the-shelf tooth products might be killing gut flora, brushing chemicals into bloodstream, decomposing collagen, hindering hormones.

TOP TIP: Floss, get the food out from between your teeth.  Simple.


1) Role of Ayurveda in management of oral health.

2) European study reveals new causes of mouth and throat cancer.