MUSHROOMS! Epic Reishi, by Longevity Power

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Yes! Reishi mushroom is one of the most well studied mushrooms on the planet, and with GREAT reason.  This is a little video and intro to the World of Medicinal Mushrooms. I'm massively into them! 

I love Longevity Power for a million reasons, do check them out here. We might even be getting a discount code for you (tweet me if you want one @EnrichdOrg) I've been into Reishi for a few years now, and it keeps getting better and better and better... When you drink it, you'll see what I mean. Here is what Christan, from Longevity Power, says about Reishi: Reishi mushroom is one of the most well-researched herbs on the planet for good reason.

(I'm not a doctor and this is not medical advice, go see your doctor before taking our advice)

Video Transcript:

"This is “Epic Reishi” by Longevity Power, and I’ve been drinking it for about six weeks now, and I’m really feeling, I guess I’d say, more assertive.  And, I think that’s perhaps from the stress resilience properties.  This is a little snippet from a smoothie book that I’ve written.  Sometimes I throw the Reishi into my smoothie.  “May improve sleep, improve good health, immune system, and lower stress levels, which are all connected – gut, sleeping, and your hormone levels.” Right?  And, it’s one, I’m reading here again, “Reishi’s one of the most well researched medicinal mushrooms on the planet.  It’s an adaptogen and a nerve and immune tonic.”

There’s another article in “the Guardian” newspaper.  The title of the article was “Could Mushrooms be the Cure for Cancer?”  That was in March 2014. “The mushroom might alter gut bacteria for the better, study finds.”  I love it.  There’s so many.

And, I like these guys because I met the guy that runs it.  Yep, that’s Christian.  He’s the guy that runs it.  Brilliant guy.  It’s well sourced.  It’s ethically sourced.  

And, it tastes great as well.  It’s kind of bitter, which I like.  So, a bit of hot water on there.  The water’s cooled down a fair amount.  And, you may or may not know this, but the actual flavors that are going into our mouths, like sweet, bitter, sour, they have an effect on the organs.  As soon as that taste goes in, there’s a communication that happens between brain, tongue, and organs.  And, it means to do things.  And, generally speaking, the bitter has a cooling effect on the body.  Now, there’s always variants in the human and the different herbs and foods and plants.

Reishi is a food that is bitter but actually has a neutral or warming effect.  Slightly bitter but very, very pleasant.  Now, I’ve been drinking this for about probably six weeks now, one every day, or maybe five times a week.  And, what I felt, I felt like a different base level of, I want to say, strength.

There’s a link just underneath this video that you can go and check out – Christian’s site.  Longevity power."