Local food knows where you are...

Eat local

Local food knows where you are, it knows the weather you're experiencing, it knows what time of year it is, and most importantly it knows exactly what most living begins in it's near proximity need.

Isn't it awesome that an apple can grow on a tree in your garden (or a parsley leaf can grow in your window if you're garden-less) and you can eat it and, some of it actually goes inside the cells of your body!? For second just ponder this–some of the food you eat actually becomes part of your physical body! 

Isn't it perfect that you can literally walk into a forest and, with the right knowledge, live there eating its gifts... how fascinatingly amazing.

How amazing is it that you can make a box, put it in the right place, probably somewhere not too far from your home (even in cities), and you can within weeks have honey, pollen, royal jelly, beeswax (for candles) and you can help the bee population (which pretty much helps every living thing on the planet). Very awesome, that's how!

Did you know that there are certain foods, like the Chaga mushroom, Reshi mushroom, neem, Tulsi, turmeric that have been very well studied (references below) that may literally have physically beneficial effects on the human body. You can saw something off a tree or pick a leaf and it physically may do VERY good things for us. Specifically chaga is known for it very powerful antioxidant effects, reishi for immune support, neem for antibacterial properties and turmeric for anti-inflammatory–and they're just the things they're well known for doing, the studies at the bottom of this post explore even more of the beneficial properties.

There are more and more people out there sharing this information, people like me who really dig it, and want others to know about this stuff. This is very real and compared to other man made options, it's is my personal preference to first choose the foods, roots and herbs that nature gives us. (I go much more deeply into this in the ENRICHD Smoothie Ebook and in our book BiteMeDieting.com)

When I really sit still and think deeply about how the land, the soil, the trees, this entire planet, including the oceans, are continuously offering us food, foods that may become part of our physical bodies or fuel us, it excites me and makes me want to walk off into the wilderness and drink a tea with our great and abundant friend Nature.

I do love the more exotic super foods too...

Wild Chaga from the Highlands of Scotland

Wild Chaga from the Highlands of Scotland

The ENRICHD philosophy is local first, and then (because we are about more than just existing) to experiment and delve into more exotic foods (which to other cultures are often just normal foods). This is the funny thing about super foods is that they may be growing locally right by where you live or are traveling.

(Some of my favorite superfoods include cacao, moringa, chaga, reishi, acai, spirulina, turmeric, ginger, seaweeds–yes seaweeds are unbelievably awesome).

Back to local...

Seasonal delivery by local farms

You know many farms near to you have farm shops or offer local delivery, some in the UK even further a field, or websites take your order and ship through farms local to you. I love it! Local shops and farms were the only option, then came along the supermarkets, NOW with the use of the internet local organic farms are using the internet to get their foods to your door. So awesome. Gracias and ciao supermarkets?

Local food literally growing on trees...

Eat Local: Orange tree, Venice Beach

Eat Local: Orange tree, Venice Beach

When I was living in Venice Beach, we would sometimes walk the block and find a pomegranate tree literally bursting with fruit... or an avocado tree hanging over the pavement.  Maybe there is hidden gem of a tree or bush near you? 

In conclusion...

Local food first with a sprinkling of exotic superfoods might just be your ticket to a healthy long life.


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