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Cooking soups, bone-broth, boiling, roasting, steaming, baking, and sauteing are the way forward....

This post is dedicated to tips and upgrades for your cooking and smoothie habits.

Oil - avoid canola, soy and corn oil. Look into coconut oil for cooking, extra virgin olive oil for dressings... (2, 3, 4)
Spray oil - don't bother, it almost certainly contains soy or canola (unfortunately, even coconut oil spray often has added ingredients that are less favorable)
Pots and pans - non stick can leach the coating into your food and organs, choose cast iron (1)
Microwave - do you really know what it's doing to your food?
Eating out ask the restaurant about the oils, foods and ways they cook - asking questions like this will help them too(you can make requests like please use coconut oil to cook my dinner, if they kick you out happily leave).

If you eat meat - make the most of the animal that died for you. Bone broths will help you get all of the minerals and nutrients from the sacrifice.  Some people chose a bigger animal because it means one death will provide many meals, rather than 1 death providing less.

Smoothie Time!

Green Smoothie from  Exotic Smoothies

Green Smoothie from Exotic Smoothies

Here is a little sample from the Exotic Possibilities Smoothie Ebook:


"Smoothies or Blends, as we call them in our book Bite Me Dieting, are one of the easiest ways to get an important hit of nutrients. We keep the fiber in them to help with digestion, detoxification and to keep your system moving…
The information I'm sharing on this page is not about stuffing food in a blender... it's about exotic possibilities. Yes, by making nutrient dense smoothies, you are going to get a nourishing beverage, but when you really get into this, the possibilities become limitless. Literally, in this book I'm sharing with you foods and beverages that can change your genetic function, for better; a little something called epigenetics"

How do you feel?  Choose smoothie ingredients based on the season and how you feel (hot? cold? Tired? Energetic?) balance yourself by choosing the right ingredients for you in the moment and for the future.

Fruit - get the fiber by blending it all instead of just juicing

Green powders - find a high quality greens powder that agrees with your digestion.  It's an easy way to get high quality green foods inside you.  Not necessarily the best way but an effective and easy way non the less.  I like Revolution Foods in the UK for their greens powder.

Green Leafy Vegetables -  they are your smoothie go to for high quality vitamins, minerals and fiber

Leaves - the leaves of carrots and stems of beets (beetroot) are full of nutrients, you can eat them (juicing/blending them works well too.)

Superfoods - choose the ones best for YOU. Your superfoods are nutrient rich foods that agree with and benefit YOU.  Again, massive shout out to Revolution Foods in the UK for their quality and sourcing.
Water - choose the highest quality you can get (local spring water is a good idea.  www.FindaSpring.com is a great resource for this)
Ice - see 'water' above
Blender - glass if you can (the less plastic we use the better, check out the image below by artist Gregory Siff for our forthcoming book)

If you liked these tips you will LOVE this Smoothie Ebook

You can use the rest of your avocado as a real food face mask... That's me on a bus trip in Cordoba, Argentina!

You can use the rest of your avocado as a real food face mask... That's me on a bus trip in Cordoba, Argentina!

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