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Smoothies: The Basics

1) Keep the fiber in there (it will help digestion and can remove blockages)

2) When it comes to greens make sure you have a bit of pineapple in there because pineapple contains bromelain, an enzyme to help digestion

3) When you make your smoothie put an intention into it - just like when you meet an angry or happy person, you feel them.  Put good feelings (vibes if you will) into your smoothie

4) If you are making a protein smoothie, choose your source of protein wisely.  Whey protein from tortured cows doesn't qualify (you know whey protein comes from cows right?) We love plant based proteins with no added sweeteners, or if any a tad of stevia.

5) Balance your smoothie blend by knowing about it's energetic affect - i.e is it a cooling smoothie?  A warming smoothie? 

6) Seaweed might sound odd in a smoothie, but you will hardly taste it and it will send the nutritional value and health benefits of your blend through the roof!  So much more on this in our awesome smoothie Ebook!

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