Hangover Remedy, immunity boosters, fat burning etc etc...

Hangover helpers, immunity boosters, dealing with confrontations, fat burning tips and a load more... it's all here!

Hope you're having a fun holiday season!!

We had a great time, swimming, walking, chopping coconuts, backing cakes, movies, being silly... AND eating cakes, chocolate, chips, loads of greens, turkey, more cakes!

MIX COOK EAT:  Homemade banana cake.... ripe banana, blended oats, honey, eat yolk, cinnamon, salt, turmeric, coconut oil, baking soda. All organic and NON-GMO.

MIX COOK EAT: Homemade banana cake.... ripe banana, blended oats, honey, eat yolk, cinnamon, salt, turmeric, coconut oil, baking soda. All organic and NON-GMO.

Before we get in to the quick healthy tips, here is a little story:

Your body is always giving you messages, tips and pointers. Often referred to as symptoms, I like to think of them as messages.

Think of it like this; if someone with authority that you trust at work whispers to you that the company is not performing too well and you should prepare yourself for a big change, it's likely that you're going to act on that information. Perhaps you do your own research fist, and then take action, to avoid any kind of serious setbacks.

To make it more explicit; If someone is screaming to you to get out of the way because there is a train coming towards you (if you understand their language) I'm pretty sure you're going to get out of way.

Too often the norm is to suppress or silence the message... In Ayurveda or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) they more often investigate the message, following it to the root, aiming to remove the root. Balancing lifestyle, reducing stress, removing or adding foods, using herbs and acupuncture are all ways in which they do this. MUCH more on TCM here.

When it comes to your health, perhaps there are regular messages that your body is sending... Are you listening? Do you understand the language?

(IMPORTANT: Ask you doctor or consult your health practitioner before trying these, they are not medical advice, simply things I have researched and tried that worked for me...)

OK, here we go... here are the hangover helpers, immunity boosters and fat burning tips etc etc:

(some of these you will recognise, but often it takes seeing something a few times before you actually try it, and of course timing plays a big part in almost everything! Number 14 is one of the most important in my opinion)

1) Immunity booster: Mix ginger, turmeric, black pepper, coconut milk or olive oil in a blender with warm water. Stick a chunk of raw garlic in there if you're really under the weather. Depending on your body and the severity of the hangover this could also be a good for soothing the inflammation cause by alcohol.

2) Hangover helper: High quality water. Alcohol may cause severe dehydration. The opposite? Proper hydration. If you're buying it, choose something in a glass bottle like Castle Rock (USA), Mountain Valley Spring water (USA), Evian or Highland Spring (UK). Or go to www.FindASpring.com and stock up at your local spring. Tap water may need filtering. In my opinion water is the first and possibly most important thing to get right. If you can get it, raw, unprocessed coconut water could be a good source of hydration too!

Christmas Coconuts from our local life guard Daniel - top bloke! Thanks!

Christmas Coconuts from our local life guard Daniel - top bloke! Thanks!

3) Hangover helpers for acid reflux: After you've addressed your hydration... coconut milk, Bicarbonate of soda and or activated charcoal (not all together) may help neutralize any acid reflux and settle your stomach. Depending on your body and Bamboo shoots may be a  good way to ease stomach troubles too. (Activated charcoal has been used for thousands of years, but now is becoming very popular. My warning to you is to be aware of mixing it with medications and magnesium citrate and stay very well hydrated if you try it)

4) Hangover helper: Sleep. Turn everything off, make the room as dark as possible and sleep it off. Literally sleep sleep sleep and let your body recover .

5) Confrontation calmer: The second you become aware that you are arguing or in a confrontation  with someone, stop speaking immediately and listen to them.  See how quickly you can realise that the argument and pain in the moment is not about the moment and probably charged with some other past event. See that the confrontation is not who you are or who the other person is, but merely a moment of emotion passing through.  Put simply, shut your trap and see how quickly you can diffuse the situation by either walking away, saying sorry or whatever it takes to find peace as quickly as possible.

6) Immunity Chaga and Reshi: Drinking chaga and or reishi regularly (I drink chaga and reishi almost every day) may be a good long term strategy for keeping you healthy.  As well as having been used for 1000’s of years, the benefits of Chaga and Reishi have been and continue to be very well studied, see references below.

7) If you drink choose your booze wisely: if you want to, choose your booze based on the quality and integrity of the ingredients. There is a huge difference between cheap non-organic wine and a fairly priced organic.  Same goes for beer, maybe your local has locally produced beer 

8) Hangover helper: Choose your mixers with intention. This is easier if you're partying at home or at someone else's house. Go for organic mixers from freshly squeezed fruits. It's simple.

9) Fat burner: A quick HIIT workout strategically placed somewhere in your day may just be the thing to boost your system so it burns through any indulgences later in the day. Ideally smash this first thing in the morning or before lunch.

10) Hangover helper: Understanding that what a hangover actually is is when your body is severely dehydrated, your kidney’s and liver are working overtime to clean out the junk you chose to put in there may inspire some reflection. Is smashing your vital organs and stomach bacteria with whatever it is you chose to pump through them your finest moment? Maybe so, or maybe not. Who knows, but definitely worth reflecting on.  I’m sure there are other ways to reach ecstatic feelings and connection with people other than the legally and socially accepted way… 

11) Immunity smoothies: Smoothies are the real deal when it comes to health because you’re getting a significant amount of nutrients in one sitting. But, there is a catch - you have to find the ingredients that are best for YOU and your body in that moment, season, period of your life. For example green smoothies tend to have a cooling effect on the body, so may be a good choice in the summer but not so much in the winter - unless you throw in some ginger and or turmeric to warm it up. Likewise, a heavy soup full of root vegetables is probably better suited to for a cold winters day. Get it? There is a slight craft to making smoothies and choosing your ingredients. (Yes I wrote a whole eBook on smoothies)

12) Fat burning: Eat before you eat. Before going to a party you could always eat some highly nourishing foods before you go there as to not crave and be too tempted by colorful sugary junk. If course the choice is yours.

13) UPGRADE: This is probably to most simple and easiest to digest of all tips—upgrade the stuff you put in and on your body.  So simple.  Organic is real and the consequences of pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides all very real too.

14) Post Hangover Helper: Support your gut and intestinal flora by drinking and eating foods like saurkraut, kombucha and jun. 70% + of the immune system depends on the health of the gut, alcohol (amongst other things) may mess with it, so it's worth supporting it. 

Much love and freedom!

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(Rich Enion)

Richard Enion drinking tea on stage because it's tea.

Richard Enion drinking tea on stage because it's tea.

Richard Enion is a motivational lifestyle expert, delivering keynote talks, corporate workshops and public talks. He is also the co-author of BiteMeDieting.com along with Jeff Deperon