ENRICHD Body on, body in, body out are a series of straight forward ways of upgrading commonly consumed foods and skin care products, and a way of deciphering the messages your body is giving you. 

This is ENRICHD Body In:

Water type - is your tap water clean / safe to drink or even wash in? Maybe not. Ask more questions, use a filter, find a spring near you www.FindASpring.com is good.

Soda/fizzy pop - there is no defending it, in any way or any form. Fizzy water with freshly squeezed fruit could be your bridge out of that addictive product.

Water amount - is your pee yellow or darker? If yes you probably need to drink more.

Fruit - organic, local and seasonal for you and the planet. ESPECIALLY if you're eating the skin.  The skin is the first thing that the fertilizers / pesticides come into contact with, and just like your skin with skincare products, it absorbs them.

Vegetables - organic, local and seasonal as priority and when you can, again, for you and the planet

Tea - at least organic. And, wild and living when you can find it because it's FULL of life.  (Message me if you want to know my favorite sources).

Coffee - at least organic. Wild and living if you can find it, for the most nutrients and guilt free beverage.

GMO - read more about it. The US is rife with GM crop but it's banned in most of Europe (see bottom of this document for more info)

Artificial Sweeteners - Upgrade to real sweeteners. If you like sweeter things then there is every reason to choose sweeteners from a whole food source that has been changed as little as possible (if at all)

Sweeteners - It can be fun and tasty to experiment with stevia, birch xylitol (non-GMO), panela (unrefined sugar), coconut sugar, Palm Jaggery.  Of course your choice will depend on your health goals and current state of health.

Fiber - When I interviewed Olympic athlete Colin Jackson, Fiber was his one tip for people. IT may increase the amount of toxins removed from your body.

Medicating headaches - do you need them or are you just dehydrated or eating your allergens?

Medication - is the problem real or psychosomatic? Dig deeper to the root cause, see a recommended doctor or practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Pre/probiotics - if you have digestive 'issues' see your doctor and in my opinion a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and consider pre/probiotics to rebuild yourself from the inside. Kombucha, Junn and sauerkraut are sources of good bacteria.  Here is a video on how to make your own sauerkraut: 

Gut health - choose foods that balance and nourish your gut flora (sauerkraut, organic fermented miso, kefir) Raw apple cider vinegar in a glass of water can help build gut bacteria.

Local and seasonal - to get the most healing powers and nourishment from your food.

Growing in our back yard... Local!

Growing in our back yard... Local!

Soy (no) - upgrade to organic and fermented.  Non-organic UN-fermented soy may mess with your hormones, is probably genetically modified and you almost certainly don't need it.

Soy (if you do)- make sure it is fermented, and eat it like they do in the East - infrequently.
non-organic animal - unless you know the source it was probably fed gmo-soy, gmo-corn, farmed (fish), fed/injected with antibiotics and an unhappy mistreated being.

Fish - start with local, organic and wild. Now, Google fish + Fukushima to delve a little deeper or "GMO Salmon".

Beef - grass fed, local and organic. If the Cow is kept in inhumane conditions and or fed non-organic foods or soy then it will have lived a poor life, not good for anyone or the planet.

Chicken - be selective. Chicken is most likely the worst treated of all animals. The effect of your meal is not just about you and your abs or butt.  Thinking wider, about the life of the animal, the farm, the land of the farm, the people living by the farm, are all key factors when it comes to our personal health and the health of the planet.

Eggs - see 'Chicken' above... (pasture raised / meet the chickens).  Eggs may be a great source of nutrition.  I am not vegan, and I do eat animals and animal products, though always of the highest quality and most ethical sourcing, for myself and the planet.

Pork - it's a messy industry, choose wisely.

All meat / fish - avoid added ingredients such as sugar and preservatives. You may want to find a local farm that knows where and how their animals are slaughtered, yes slaughtered.

Seaweed it is one of the most powerful detox foods and a good source of iodine and other awesome minerals.

Bread choose fermented (sourdough) it may be easier to digest.

Bread - If the bread you eat comes in a plastic bag with a brand name printed on it and a label, read the label on the bag, if it has more than flour (+flour starter) water, sugar, salt, oil in it you should probably put it back. Sourdough bread may be more easily digested and arguably tastes and feels fantastico!

The ingredients list  VS.  the name of the product!  (This is some heavy marketing... )

The ingredients list VS. the name of the product!

(This is some heavy marketing... )